Food Styling + Photography Classes

Are you a content creator looking to improve your food photography skills?
A brand eager to take your in-house photography to the next level?

I love working with individuals, groups and businesses on improving their food styling and photography.
Whether you're a food blogger, business owner, brand manager, or aspiring Insta-celebrity, I can customize a workshop specifically for you.

Want to chat about a custom workshop? Email me at:


 My classes include:
-The basics of lighting
-Intro to using the DSLR camera (f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc.) + smartphone photography tips
-Recommended food photography equipment
-The basics of composition
-Intro to prop styling

-Overview of current food styling trends
-Tips for styling food on set
-Common beginner mistakes to avoid

-A hands-on photo shoot

Here's what people I've worked with have to say...

"Alex ran a group photography workshop that was both valuable and fun for our team. She has an approachable style to food photography, and we took away concrete tips and lessons to help us make our content even better. She is extremely knowledgeable in the space, and the hands-on portion of the class allowed us to work alongside her to really grasp the concepts she taught us during the presentation."

— Amalia Safran, Assistant Brand Communications Manager, OXO

"My personal photography session with Alex was a fun and valuable experience. In three hours, Alex transformed me from a novice to a somewhat expert in taking food images. Her presentation facilitated a quick learning curve and now I can take my own pictures for my recipe blog. I loved how Alex provides guidance not only in taking the images, but also in styling your images. Her tips are easy to implement and take your photography to a different level."

— Ronit Kalman Ph.D., Smart Life Health Coaching

“Alex and I co-taught a food photography lecture together as part of a larger program for food bloggers at Natural Gourmet Institute. Alex has a true knack for breaking down the fundamentals of photography and styling for beginners. Throughout her lecture, she explained the basics of using a DSLR camera - as well as of lighting and composition - in a way that was digestible, engaging and entertaining for the students. I’ve been blogging and taking photographs for many years and even I walked away with so much new information from the course! I would recommend Alex’s class to anyone who wants to take their blog, website or social media photos to the next level.”

— Phoebe Lapine, Creator of Feed Me Phoebe and Author of The Wellness Project

"I took Alex's photography class in the spring of 2016. For someone like myself who knows little about photography, she broke everything down in a way that made it seem approachable and interesting. In addition to her being extremely knowledgeable about this topic, you can also pick her brain about social media, blogging or managing a website and she should have an answer to nearly anything! She has a lovely demeanor and is very patient. I was inspired from this class to stop procrastinating and start my own food blog! I will be sure to take another class of Alex's in the future."

— Laura Hopkins, Culinary Health Coach,

"I had the pleasure of taking Alex's photography class at NGI. She was patient, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. So much was learned in just one class! I have already implemented a number of tips she offered on my Instagram account. Alex has also taken amazing pictures for my website and cookbook. I am beyond impressed with her - she is a true talent and rockstar!"

— Lisa Marie Carmona, Recipe Developer